[3h 33 min]

TIME: 01:56 (NL/CH) 02:56 (GR)
I write you something in the night, full of oil & dreams traces.
I write you the music of a graphic score on aluminium paper.
The two letters of the apocalypse : K. & A. Two bombs falling in the sky from the future. Two atomic bombs, on silver.
The work is so hard that i can not control Morpheus. Pages after page we fight. To follow 3.33 hours. I change position, you eat an appel ( the one ? )
All of the stratagèmes. We try... on the repetition, the boring manip on the machine stop the transe in puzzles. We are in the middle of the battle and i wait for myself. I am trained enough?
I follow you voice. K. A.A.K.A.A.A. End in between, I fix the arms of the machine like a spider unhandy & speed.