Monday 28th May� Arnhem/Geneva�
13/12/2017, 11:51

Dear N.,

�We write this letter to you together, Karla and Alexandra.�
A book has neither object nor subject; it is made of variously formed matters and very different speeds. To attribute the book to a subject is to overlook this working of matters, and the exteriority of their relations. '
D. & G.

We invite you to dive into the abyss we have created. We would like you to be the express train that will pass through our last 6 months. We invite you to be the chord of Ariadne that leads all the people standing around you through the labyrinth. Please read this out loud. If you were not doing so already, start again.��'the word still swims inside the body, inside the text, teasing, and burrowing itself deeper, until it silently vibrates with an urgency to keep the cycle going'
P. B.

Six months and 16 days ago we started a group app called 'My table/your day' to share the contents of K.'s messy table with the contents of A.'s messy day.
Mix the magnets, media omitted, a clone project / or a clown, daily addiction, gravity words, collision, media omitted, translation of transformation, a jungle of circumstances, escalated, an outside atelier, media omitted, media omitted. �It has a nice rhythm. Says the non-rhythm specialist. ��The labyrinth becomes the question of how to live a life wired on a rhizome.

A rhizome is a continuously growing horizontal underground stem which puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals. The two of us, created the labyrinth together. ’Since each of us was several, there was always quite a crowd. Here we made use of everything that came within range, what was closest as well as farthest away.’�

N. , you are part of it, the voice of the present, blowing the pollens of the past. The m.e.m.o.r.y virus of the future. A dialogue of fiction and non-fiction, their borders enter a misty territory. The poetical becomes the political and the political becomes the poetical, interlinked with all the rhizomes each of us touch. �N., we entrust you our words, to shift, to scratch, to gnaw, to destroy, to wrinkle, to vomit, to love, to fry, to roar, to leave, to rhythm above all.
N., we entrust you our animal lands, striped in traps to derive in their white dessert
N., we entrust you our delirium, in fierce vulnerability. for you to explore, steal and expose.

�You have in front of you 1001 pages to dive in a few hours. Enjoy the ride!�

K. & A. �

p.s. You know you can stop. Going in and out, reading or letting them read.
This last sentence is for you N. and for all those around you.