performance in 3 parts

[09/06/2018, Terschelling(NL)]
latitude: 53.408050 longitude: 5.385984
Chapter I: sitting on the ground a lost kid in an adut body. calliing for those who are not. Again and again and again. Chapter II: a scream of a lamb that lost . Rite the rise, ride the rite. 'You ll have to live with it' a 10 years old voice lets the words fall Chapter III: I FOUND A MAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mummies mammy world
Mummies mammy word
Mummies molish word
Mammy's draw
Mammy where is your draw?
Mammy where is your RAW?
Mammy where is your WAR?
Mammy are you a Mummie?

When you mummie me you mammy me