Gloves to protect and to control against cold or heat, damaged by fiction, abrasion and chemicals, from what a bare hand should not touch

are the only tool to explore the future bodies, to challenge the danger, the alien unknown words. Symbolizing the borders with the other. Balancing the fears/tears with the irresistible need to discover. This ovni-project is kidding/killing the prophecy of a society fascinated and driven by the collection of this intri-(g)ant neo skin. A porous cocktail of dystopia and utopia divided into 26 gangs, each of them led by a capital letter.

to protect and to control: two raw rivers that meet in the junction of an encrypted wor(l)d. An invitation into an escaped capsule to explore the cabinet de curiosité, and be exposed to their growing hands.

against cold or heat,
(G)loves for (G)ants is using the body as a remote territory. Still developing the carcass, regarding to individual abilities and the needs of the collective, through an hybridization with (G)loves. Building a babel bank of gestures to format the future? body.

damaged by fiction, abrasion and chemicals,
the borders between the one & the other, fabrication & friction, numeric algorithms & transformed chimeras. This catalytic brain poison is re-confronting the current world, from a time machine distance. As poetical and political notions merge into alternative futures, new possibilities arise in the mind, to imagine and re-build with a smile.

from what a bare hand should not touch
This is the Hand.
(G)loves for (G)ants

A neo ritual to immerse you into the sounds and images of the future society.

26 gloves
26 miniature performances
26 binaural 3D recordings

Sketching 2111, where there are only 26 jobs leftover for the hands of the humans.
The (g)love the most privileged object, invades the spatial-temporal reality: the only one capable of exploring the unknown wor(l)ds of bodies.The (A)lien, a web-application, a hybridization between a jukebox and a slot machine, invades your phone to give you a singular soundscape. The listening and the viewing are independent states, they randomly collide to open the doors of perception. During this working hand gesture performance, K&A construct a mega-mix-high-tech prophecy inspired by utopic dystopias and dystopian utopias.

A (G)love for your hands. A (G)ant for your skin. A (G)ang for your life.

Duration: 26 times 8 minutes. K&A change each 8 minutes the (g)love they play. You can stay as long as you want.
Jump into the Past
(if you want to know the story, otherwise, jump
into Now)

In the early 2000’s, all around the world, the machines
& robots slowly replaced the human bodies in their
physical works. First they were in charge of less qualified
jobs. Then, following the tempo of I.T. evolution & A. I.
discoveries, they gradually expanded to other functions.
Human beings were forced to develop other abilities.
“Natural selection” especially promoted the ones using
brain & hands (tertiaire & specific high levels intellectual
sectors exploded and quickly became the main
thing to do).

In 2050, the development of A.I. rings the starting
point of an unexpected revolution: robots become
scientists, teachers, lawyers… A brain is not anymore
a remote island, it is a field for intense exploitation.
The neo-army of ever numeric bodies absorbed,
integrated and mixed the experiences of the whole
human history. They even recovered the legacy of
disappeared civilisations. Their infinite knowledge
supported the development of the upcoming years,
our actual period: l’ère du silence - the silent one.
Indeed, these ever-robots don’t use sounds, they talk
in silence. The only sound they can make is the one
that announces their end: the death click.

Now / Won
26 (g)loves for 26 (g)ants for 26 (g)angs

Infected by the hygienic law, humanity shares the
fascination for and dependency to the object that
controls & protects their porous skin from the outside:
Les (g)ants = the (g)loves in english. (G)ants intrude
the skin to transform the gestures of the future jobs.

26 High level hand jobs are left over by the ever-robots.
These became the 26 (g)angs of the new society,
each one leaded by a letter - what remained from
the ancient non-silent wor(l)d. The letters lost their
communicational function, replaced by 1’s and 0’s,
they developed to become the political leaders of
(g)ant gangs. Becoming the “segregators” of the
society, the borders between the life you have and
the one you could have. The A(lien) Algorithm also
called “prophetic horoscope” is a system developed
to calculate the letter you will have, you will use, you
will live with and work for. It is a social engineered
system interconnecting the societal needs with the
inherited ANT DNA of each one.

Each year during a big event, the developments
and new directions of the (g)ants are shown at the
Forum of G(loves). A tailor made event, in which
each (g)ang, gets to peek into the progression of his
(g)love. It is also the only moment in the year in which
the new (g)ants are assigned to a (g)ang through the
use of the “prophetic horoscope” system, the (A)lien
Concept, composition & performance: K&A
Graphics: Mathilde Wingering
IT development:Antoine Hordez
Binaural recording: David Poissonnier