Four numbers, to form a single question: 8 1 0 2?

Don’t expect any kind of answers. All that you will have is “an idea. Resilient... highly contagious. Once the idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.” - C.Nolan.

At the end of 2018, this project started with dozens of discarded agendas. Diaries that are normally used to organise, capture and control the time, where about to be thrown away. K&A proposed a mirror, a window: 8102. How to imagine a world in more than 6000 years?
Inviting people from different fields, ages & cultures K&A initiated a community of constructors that during one year filled/feeled these agendas: a poetic turbine to initiate an ever growing community. Now one year later, K&A roll up their sleeves to put their hands inside the noisy engine of this community and craft a performance.

This radiophonic piece interogates a notebook llibrary lying bright open on a table. The voices of Karla Isidorou and Alexandra Bellon become a guide through the continuously transforming coordinates of more than 70 notebooks. Challenging the mind to mirror the year from 2018 to 8102, the audience dives into a collective imagination of a year in the ultra future.

Exit ticket: the irresistable lure of the unknown
Constructor nr 7:
And well there I am! Already in my room. First step onto my carpet and directly as always i see the picture of my gradmother and granddad as usually standing on top of my Telecus. They died already when i was 4 years old. So i dont know them physicaly. But still they are here. I didnt know that in earlyer times we possibly could die.
S. 13334

Constructor nr 24:
traces of any ‘being’ can disappear
in a blink of an eye
worlds can be forgotten
without leaving anything behind
Perhaps our order is outdated
An abstract 8 1 0 2

Constructor 11:
On every ‘4th’ of the month spot in the agenda. I will ask a stanger to make up 4 new words that will exist in the year ‘8102’. So all together that will make 48 new words as a starting point to.
Constructor 11bis :
What strikes me the most - looking back to 2018 - is the way everything is divided, seperated. Everyone is an individual in the first place, there are countries alle over with frontiers, flags, leaders. Everyone seems to be fighting with everyone, animals and earth are handled as if they are enemies. There is not yet any understanding of the fact that it is all one system. It must have been a fightening time to live in.......

Constructor nr 15:
The planet is just water now -in 8102- water is creating light ( or life, the record is not trustable). I can pretend that I came to the end of the world to do this video-it just happened- and I also put my best outfit for. 8102, I am not there since 3 weeks, I remember one story: there is human beein anymore. We were recovering our bodies with different stones. I should show that. wait, wait, wait. Every part of the body needed to find his stone

Constructor nr 29 & nr 29bis:
‘The sense of the sin’

“We crafted a window: 8102. We let you a mirror.
If we have to admit the frame is a window, you have to admit that the game is a mirror.”