is a cycle of performances developed around the
John Frost Bridge in Arnhem (NL),
to magnet the combinations of flows, delimitations and frictions operating in the border zone around. In this zone political,social, natural and human borders collide to become an ultima living mobile border
In AIMANT, A.&K. become the scribes that capture in actions and maps the living space.

[Jan 2018 - Mar 2018, Arnhem (NL)]
latitude: 51.9748942, longitude: 5.9117305
if the sun was a square?
The body, a library of dreams, expanding the coral sea. Black stones, seeds, écailles hitting the trust. Mosquito's poison making you turn 360° in a birds paradise. We lose the share the day we glitch the bridge.
to enter the AÍMANT rhizome click on the squares