A perfume of Apocalypse. Year 8102.
They say there ‘re going to be aluminium rolling clouds.

Time goes on. The virus OK-KO is expanding. It erases the letters of our alphabet one after the other. APOCALYPSE MON AMOUR is an immersive and interactive performance as an ode/death sentence to the letters.

In the geography of the night, an ongoing letter appears, typed live by the two performers while the audience uses a tailor made web-application to write an infected letter. A letter to a friend, a lover, a mother, or to a frog.
Try to writte a letter: MON AMOUR

APOCALYPSE MON AMOUR uses the tools of cinema, theater, and web design to invite its public to mark the silver blank page that comes after… (ellipsis)

P.S. dear mon-keys, remember, erasing is trusting
Photography: Maarten Verbaarschot
PREMIERE: 25/01/2018 Focus Arnhem