Alexandra Bellon (1985, FR/CH)

Is an multi disciplinary artist and performer based in Geneva, Switzerland. Working from
out her atelier in l’Usine Kugler, she has been devoted to an artistic practise that
disregards the borders of the disciplines, letting the projects develop within the medium
that strengthens the dialogue with the one that sees/listens/reads/experiences. A strive
for sharing and connecting, is an ever returning aspect in her work, as a key to make
the people aware.

After completing her advanced studies at Créteil (FR), she obtained a Bachelor's degree
in percussion and two Master’s degrees at the HEM in Geneva (CH) : Master of
general pedagogy (2013) and Master of music interpretation (2015). Between 2003 and
2015, Alexandra Bellon participated as a percussionist at symphonic orchestras:
l’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (CH), Verbier Festival Orchestra (CH), Liège
symphonic orchestra (BE), l’Orchestre National de Lorraine (FR).

During this period she expanded her personal research on trance and repetitive music,
searching the ancient limits of her resonating body. Expanding in the field of dance, fine
art and theater Alexandra Bellon has been invited to collaborate with artists like: Young
Soon Cho Jacquet (KR/CH) who invited her as a dancer and creator for Suggunga,
Jens Van Daele Burning Bridges (NL), an interdisciplinary dance company based in the
Netherlands, with which she realised five theater/dance productions.
This year Alexandra Bellon collaborated with Michèle Pralong during la Bâtie Festival
(Geneva, CH) for the piece (elle s’assit.) composing and playing a long one note score
creating a drone music on a tam.
She was part of the theater collective la Distillerie together with Emilie Blazer
and Yann Verburgh creating A(E)NTRE, an pluridisciplinary children project for Am
stram gram theater (Geneva, CH).
Next to her collaboration with various artist, Alexandra Bellon, also strives to support
and communicate the artistic ideas of other artists, through her work for Radio Vostok,
as a cultural column writer.

“ Within my practise, division of territories, seems to be impossible. Like approaching the
human body: it’s anatomy is strongly interdependent and interlinked, by cutting it up in
single pieces, you kill the rhythm of it’s heart.”

Alexandra Bellon has an artistic practise that moves at the crossroads of established
genres. She was invited by ‘IF’, to create a performance with a card blanche. Attracted
by the concept of duration, magneted by the body and it’s unknown territories,
Alexandra Bellon developed together with Benoit Renaudin, HORDE, a 10 hours
musical – theatrical performance, that premiered in “festival de la Cité” (Lausanne, CH)
in July 2017, and was reprised in Lieu unique in Nantes, december 2018. During the
last years she has been developing hybrids concepts , such as BLANC with illustrator
Malizia Moulin, INFERNO SAFARI with dancer Lucie Eidenbenz (“Open Kugler festival”
Geneva (CH), november 2017) and Dehors est un jour fragile (a 52 min experimental
movie) with filmaker Giuseppe Greco (CH) and dancer Audrey Bergeron (CAN).
Next to the short term collaboration, Alexandra Bellon has been building and
participating long term collectives, mixing a variety of disciplines:

Ensemble Batida
Alexandra Bellon, Anne Briset, Jeanne Larrouturou, Raphaël Krajka, Viva Sanchez
(Bourse Leenaards 2018, Prix Orpheus 2011, Prix Jean François Chaponnière 2013,
Lauréat of Nicati 2013) . L’Ensemble Batida is a swiss five players band of two pianos
and tree percussions. The universe they build, project after project, combines the
acoustic beauty of percussive instruments with the broad sound spectrum of electronic
music. During 2018, Batida was invited to present their projects at festivals such as: Les
Athénéennes (Genève CH), La Cité (Lausanne CH), Jomba (Durban AF), Re Musik
Festival (Saint Petersburg RU)

Parasite sans s
Alexandra Bellon, Anna Benzakoun, Marie Mercier
The swiss band of the past, the present and the ultra-future. For the past 3 years, the
group has been experimenting with new forms of improvised concerts, with a first cycle
of ciné-concerts: "Parasite invites”, during which they improvise on custom-made films.
They played at l’Abri, Spoutnik, BIG Festival, La Fonderie Kugler (Geneva, CH), and

Alexandra Bellon & Karla Isidorou
A. is working now here – no where, with the artist K. (NL/GR), breaking the individual
signature in mega mix everlasting performances and installations (in “Art Lab” Athens,
“Online performance art festival” Geneva/Madrid, “La Fonderie Kugler” Geneva). The
duet is selected with the collective jumping choreography for la place du village NIAGA
DNA, in the PQ 2019, Prague Quadrennial.

Alexandra Bellon is supposed to be a musician, BUT...
photography: K&A
graphics: Mathilde Wingering