Karla Isidorou (1993, NL/GR)

is a visual artist creating performative constellations in which different disciplines merge together to create an open meeting space between performer and public.

Magneted by the engraved rituals of the body, the versatile structures of our bones and muscles, Karla Isidorou, was trained as a performer in a physical theater environment developing a special way to extract traditional techniques from the past creating the diving tools of the future.
Developing in the same period her physical presence and deep concentration through an intense marathon swimming training. Since then she has been attracted to the concept of endurance, and repetitive waterproof gestures. Sisyphean tasks engraved again and again, deeply into her DNA.

Karla Isidorou followed Theater Studies at the University of Amsterdam, focussing on the shared experience of catharsis between performer and audience. Continuing her studies in a more practical field, Karla Isidorou explored the possibilities of performative photography within a one year photography program (UCK, Utrecht), tutored among others by Ienke Kastelijn. She continued her studies in the field of theatre (ArtEZ, Arnhem) focussing on the scenographic dimensions of the moving body. Karla Isidorou followed to research the limits of the body, it’s sculpurality as well as it’s relational aesthetics by creating performative constellations, in which the public is invited to participate. At the Base for Experiment Art and Research (ArtEZ, Arnhem) Isidorou studied visual arts and performance under the tutorship of Alicia Framis, developing further a collective practise, reaching out to the public to let them become part of an immersive experience. Since then, she works mainly collaborative. Intrigued by the rhizomatic collisions that arise when borders meet each other, Karla Isidorou lets in her work different disciplines as well as different artist meet, play, jungle each other to trigger the senses of the audience.

Karla Isidorou is co-founder of K&A a duet formed with Alexandra Bellon, based in Switzerland. Together they expand through the physical and mental borders to create concepts and works that challenge the spectator. During 2018 they realize numerous projects within the Netherlands, Greece and Geneva. Together they build NIAGA DNA (part of PQ 2019) a jumping collective choreography for la place du village. That will invite the viewers to become and the scenography, and the performers, and the future.

In the past she has been invited to show her work No at CHAOS AND CONFLICT/ Studium Generale (Arnhem, NL) The cycle, a poetical political performance addressing the everyday action of dressing and undressing at het Nieuwe Instituut (Amsterdam, NL) and to bring the endurance performance The sound of chidding scorn at the International Festival of Theater Making (Athens, GR).

In these last years as an artist she collaborated with Jens van Daele’s Burning Bridges (NL), as part of the collective and toured with the show NIGHTWITCHES I: JEANNE. She participated at the cinematographic spatial design research with Manifesto Poetico. And was invited as a performer to co-create BORDER ART with Giorgos Bakalos (Performance Biennale, Thessaloniki, GR).

During the last year she performed for Alicia Framis, in the work IS MY BODY PUBLIC? (Madrid, SP), and will perform again in the reprise of this performance during Art Weekend Amsterdam 2018.
In 2019 in collaboration with Merle Schiebergen, she is realizing the COMMON SEATING, a performative contastallation of benches made out of human bodies that intrude the urban landscape , they will be hosted at International Fetival of Theater Making (Athens, GR) and at ArTEZ (Arnhem, NL).
Researching the notions of borders, in collaborative settings as well as within the work itself Isidorou creates open spaces, to open the door of vulnerability and openness, a first step towards awareness.

Karla Isidorou is supposed to be a question mark, BUT…
photography: K&A
graphics: Mathilde Wingering