MINUS 9 is anatomic sound installation,
a one on one performance of 14 min.

From the outside all seems to be silent, from the inside the first blast of the universe is making a big band. In MINUS 9, the boundaries between musician and audience, between music and ritual, silence and sound, drumming and dreaming are broken down. To cross the inner ear sound barrier, to expose the noise, the music that is hidden inside our machine.

K&A: 'With MINUS 9 we tease the equilibrium in the hierarchy of the senses. Can the ear become an experimental lutherie? Can the hear become a crack into our border armor? Can the here become the touching vestibule of a new order?
With MINUS 9 our goal is to challenge once again the distance in between, how far are we from each other? When do we allow ourselves to be touched, metaphorically and literally?'

Borders / Orders
In our society a few jobs function as a crack into our limitated touch system: doctors, caretakers, dance & sport coaches. What else? There are only a few. They touch you but are you really touched? Music, the most touching agent, doesn’t touch your flesh. It goes like an arrow to your h(ear)t. In MINUS 9 two river faces of the touch jonction to challenge the audience to requestion and rethink how we relate to each other.A po-ethic & po-lithic i’mpulse.

‘The modest Minus 9, a one-on-one performance by visual artist Karla Isidorou and musician Alexandra Bellon, also has a ritual approach. We enter a small room where the two of them are sitting opposite of you. With poetic texts and gestures they lead you in their ritual, which far exceeds the intimate boundary between performer and spectator.
Describing it also means a lot of giving away. The short performance moves between a theatrical experience and a session of osteopathy. The central point is the ear, which is manipulated in such a way that sounds from the body come to the surface and form a true soundscape. Anyone who surrenders has a special experience.’
Moos van den Broek / 16 September 2019 / Theaterkrant

'A new discovery: watching a world, a film through your own ears. I didn’t know that this instrument was hidden inside my ears. Landscapes appear and disappear: mountains, oceans, forests evoked by two hands of A in conversation with my ears. I feel the pressure intensified, a drummer appears in my right ear. What a fierceness when this gets stronger or suddenly stops... ...The alternation is lucrative, but when the drummer appears, this dominates all I hear or imagine and leads continiously to a frightening black hole.'
Marjan van Giel / 17 September 2019 / Dramaturg, Master Degree in Music & Theater
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